Rush Ladies Fitness Center


Client: Rush Ladies Fitness Center

Country: Abu Dhabi, UAE

Industry: Gym/ Fitness Center

Project Type: Social Media


About the project:

Rush Ladies Fitness Center provides more than just fitness facilities for its customers. It provides massage and hair treatment services and it has a swimming pool. It’s located in the heart of Khalifa City, Abu Dhabi. The center is a huge villa that was transformed into a fitness center. The size of the center provides ultimate privacy for customers, it has natural air workout spots. It’s a center that you enter for your body and mind healthcare.

We were assigned to manage all their social media channels. The brand holds an elegant position, it’s not too sporty and they want to keep that positioning. The main objective of the project was to activate the brand, that’s why we had to highlight the variety of services they have. As a result, it will help to boost brand awareness. Having a wide range of classes helped us to come up with rich content. We developed content categories for; Educational, Classes, Announcements, Festive and Cultural posts.


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Agency: InspireTBB Design Studio
Creative Director: Salem Kaadan
Graphic Designer: Maged Ali
Copywriter: Ebtesam Almasaabi

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