Benefit Wellness


Client: Benefit Wellness
Country: Dubai, UAE
Industry: Wellness, Fitness, Mobile Application
Project Type: Website Development
About the client:
Benefit Wellness is a mobile-based wellness platform that rewards you for making healthy choices. Track your activity, book a personal trainer, connect with health food providers, and best of all get rewarded for it! The platform allows your organization to customize a private wellness ecosystem tailored to your requirements. It provides you with the tools to promote healthy living and encourage users to maintain a healthy lifestyle.
BENEFIT helps you achieve a healthy lifestyle by rewarding you for every healthy choice you make. They Track your activity using your wearable fitness or mobile device, our dashboard provides you with up-to-date information on your progress, aggregated from all of your fitness devices. As well as calculate your Wellness Age, which allows you to see how old you are in ‘Wellness Years’. And they have the feature to Book a trainer; in-app Personal Training booking functionality, search and book a personal trainer that suits you.
In summary, it is a wellness program that should be more than just a health initiative. It should be engaging, motivating, and rewarding, and most of all should be supported with data based on sustainable results.
About the Project:
We have been approached by Ross Millar; The Founder of BENEFIT WELLNESS to create their website and reflect their visual identity. First, we studied the content and created a digital strategy to help strengthen website messaging. Since the website targeted corporate level target audience we made sure it’s clear and easy to browse the website. The design reflected their brand identity and we fell in love with their shade of sky blue; it was just the perfect color combination for “wellness”.


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Agency: InspireTBB Design Studio
Developer / Designer: Salem Kaadan

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