Client: Adidas

Country: Abu Dhabi, United Arab Emirates

Industry: Sport

Project Type: Communication Visuals / Posters


About the project:

As intense designers love Adidas sneakers, we decided to create a visual campaign that reflects Adidas as a brand and its contribution to various sports not just the cliche of Basketball and Football. This campaign is a concept to be implemented in all various mediums from print to all digital platforms.

This visual concept is an exercise to experiment and explore the sport and fitness visual identity design. The inspiration of this campaign is composed of 2 different elements which are liquid textures (sweat, water, dynamic) and second element is the vibrant colors (energy, diversity, movement). All together, these elements created a futuristic layered look.

The copywriting of this campaign was focused on motivating the players in multiple direction; determination, dream, and working harder. The black background was an industrial buckle frame for an extra secured fit and support. Each visual had a player to be isolated perfectly to empower him/her as they are caught in the moment of their game.


Agency: InspireTBB Design Studio
Creative Director: Salem Kaadan
Graphic Designer: Maged Ali
Copywriter: Ayman Al Amoudi

See the project on Behance