Client: KidzUnplugged

Country: Abu Dhabi, UAE

Industry: Education

Project Type: Corporate Identity


About the client:

KidzUnplugged is an enterprise that is committed to impact children, parents and community by providing a well balanced, creative, innovative and culturally enriched agenda where parents and children are both at ease. It strives to encourage positive play opportunities for children to be children – happily and undisturbed. They strongly believe that each child deserves a childhood that they can remember; joyfully and in a carefree manner.

“Growing up, being able to play outside was a huge deal! My mother would always say, when the sun hides, it’s time to come back inside. And we’d spend all day on our bikes, playing tag or hide and seek down our road. Carefree, and without a care in the world. Those were the good old days. I take one look at my nieces and nephews either playing on the Ipad or watching T.V and I silently shake my head. Where has their childhood gone? What stories will they tell when they get older?”

– Anisa Ismail, Founder & Creative Director of KidzUnplugged


The Brand Values

Honesty | Respect | Integrity


About the Project:

We have recently been approached by KidzUnplugged to create their company logo and visual identity. First, we rebranded their old logo and transformed it to a design that captures a feeling of fun and joy of the kids. Since children love colors as it encourages imagination and creativity, we used three bright colors (Purple, Aqua Blue and Orange) as the primary color palette .

As we developed the brand strategy; we found that a playful and friendly identity will reflect their line of business perfectly. That’s why we added another touch which is abstract polka dots pattern to add motion to the brand and we implemented it across all materials and mediums to finally have a consistent brand feel across all materials.  


Agency: InspireTBB Design Studio
Graphic Designer: Salem Kaadan
Copywriter: Ebtesam Almasaabi

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