Evelyn Morricone


Client: Evelyn Morricone

Country: Dubai, UAE

Industry: Interior Design Firm

Project Type: Corporate Identity


About the project:

Evelyn Morricone is a firm situated in the heart of Dubai in UAE. Their main business is fully comprehensive interior design. They create everything under the key. Projects, estimates, orders and realization. They have a lot of interesting implementation.

The Evelyn Morricone brand identification project was an opportunity to prepare a comprehensive implementation – starting from logo, ending with printed materials and conducting marketing communication materials.

The logo is based on the initial of the founder “E” and “M” and it represents the basics of X and Y / horizontal and vertical dimensions. It’s bold yet elegant which suits the brand and what they do. The brand’s mode focuses on a modern, elegant, and professional aspects of the industry.

Geometry and balance was a crucial part of the identity design.

The colors add a fresh look, dynamism, courage, modern and open approach to the customer and is a guarantee of visibility on the market.

As for the font we needed something with multiple weights, Open Sans is a choice we think it was perfectly fit for the brand attributes.

The Implementations


Agency: InspireTBB Design Studio
Creative Director: Salem Kaadan
Copywriter: Ebtesam Almasaabi

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