Sculpt Women Fitness Center


Client: Sculpt Women Fitness Center

Country: Abu Dhabi, UAE

Industry: Gym/ Fitness Center

Project Type: Social Media


About the project:

Sculpt Women Fitness Center is a female fitness center in Khalifa City A, Abu Dhabi. The center provides a variety of fitness classes for Adults and Kids like Zumba, Les Mills Workouts series and many others programs.

We were assigned to manage all social media channels. The objective was to boost brand awareness of the center around the areas of Khalifa City. Having a wide range of classes helped us to come up with rich content. We had developed a categories for the content; Educational, Classes, Announcements, Festive and Cultural posts.

Most of posts where meant to be short with little copywriting as possible. The details are usually mentioned in the caption of the posts for further information. Bold fonts, vibrant colors, energetic and movements. These were the key elements of showing the brand imagery and deliver the feelings and emotions to the audience.


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Agency: InspireTBB Design Studio
Creative Director: Salem Kaadan
Graphic Designer: Ayman Al Amoudi
Social Media Specialist: Ebtesam Almasaabi

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