P3 Transform

Country: London, UK
Industry: Consultancy
Project Type: Website Development

About the client:
P3 Transform is a specialized advisory firm backed by a world-class technology team. It provides a range of business consulting services centred around helping our clients translate their strategy into initiatives, organizational processes and then facilitating their achievement. Its extensive experience in transformation delivery, governance, business processes improvement and the enablement of specialized technologies; allow it to support you throughout the performance improvement journey significantly.

About the project:
We have developed this website using WordPress. With our background in design, we have been able to create certain mockups to enhance the presentation of their solution. The icons development can be found in the Cuberous project which we did earlier last year.

The website direction had to be strong and bold with both colours and visuals. We ensured that it’s user friendly and especially using mobile.

Agency: InspireTBB Design Studio
Art Director: Salem Kaadan
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